Metro Productions Services
Regardless of the scope or budget, we approach all projects the same way. From concept development to the final deliverable, we offer a wide variety of production services for corporate, commercial, and government clients.
Metro Productions Concepts
Concept Development

We take your needs & ideas and collaborate with you to develop the most effective and engaging method to deliver a powerful message.

Metro Productions Pre-Production

This is the blueprint for the entire production process. We conduct research, find acting talent, scout for locations, storyboard scenes, organize a shooting schedule, and prepare for production.

Metro Productions

After the preparations are complete, it's time to turn on the lights, roll the camera, and capture the action. Metro's skilled crew has worked with hundreds of clients around the world. We are experts in videography, lighting, direction, staging, audio, and time management.

Metro Productions Studio Rental
Studio Rentals

We offer half-day and full-day rentals of our studio space. The 40' x 40' sound stage features a two-wall hard cyclorama, lighting grid, and drive-in bay doors. Rentals include use of our green room, wardrobe, kitchen, and conference room.

Metro Productions Equipment Rentals
Equipment Rentals

We have high-end video production equipment available for rent, including lighting and grip packages, dolly and track combos, audio gear, cameras, lenses, and a Steadicam. You can also rent our crew.

Metro Productions Video Editing

The producer, editor, graphic artist, and audio engineer collaborate to cut and arrange raw video into a polished product. You may come into our office and participate, or track progress remotely over the web.

Metro Productions Graphics

We design graphic treatments to frame shows, make moving logo builds, manipulate CAD models, animate 3D characters, and generate anything else that can't be done on camera.

Metro Productions Sound Design
Sound Design

We combine location audio, narration, music and sound effects; balance and adjust the mix; and sweeten the sonic quality of our videos. We have our own in-house recording booth in addition to a 5.1 surround-sound mixing setup.

Metro Productions Mastering

For final delivery, we compile Blu-rays and DVDs complete with interactive menus and support for multi-language text captions. We also offer digital delivery for web and mobile devices.

Metro Productions Interactive
Interactive And More

We support multi-screen displays, cover live events with real-time video switching, and develop interactive apps for touch-screen devices and computer-based platforms.

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